Thursday, March 17, 2016

Latest 2015 stats ob K-12 bullying

K-12 bullying is now for the first time recorded as the highest number of childrens deaths in America--combination of suicide and school violence all related to bullying. We lose about 20 children per day and about 3.6 million children per month do not go to school because of the fear of bullying. Homeschooling is on the rise because of the increase of school violence. The drop out rate among children is about 1.1 million per year mostly related to fear of violence. Only 1 of 4 children K-12 live in a 2 parent household and too many are with no parents or homeless. Over 30 million children K-12 are bullied as well as abused-harrassed and discriminated against.

Please go to our web site and help us get the message out to all parents and grandparents in order to help save their child. We educate bullying awareness and guide-help and advice parents what to do to save their child.  We have paypal for your convenience. All donations are used for the Foundation --Registered--501C3  IRS Tax Exempt

Thanks You Lowell Levine Founder of the Foundation