Thursday, March 20, 2014


Please visit our web site go on our web site and please make a donation to help us get the message out to all parents-grandparents-aunts and uncles with children K-12 about bullying. Bullying is now the worst epidemic among children and the most feared by the parents. Please help me with our theme "Educate Bullying Awareness"   Thank You --Lowell Levine--called 'Poppy' by all the children


  1. This century has seen a rise in cyber bullying, or bullying using mobile phones and the internet. This has been compared with traditional bullying – physical hitting, damaging belongings, verbal taunts, social exclusion, rumor spreading. The terms online and offline bullying are also used.Bullying is not the same old issue it used to be. With social networking and computers and cellphones it’s become an around the clock problem. It's now a health issue.Bullying is cruel not cool.Be brave don't be a victim be safe and keep protected check this out at

  2. Bullying is a very serious matter when it comes to securing the emotional and mental stability of a child. Children who are victims of bullying can be traumatized their whole life. Yes, it might help to fight back but how safe our kids if they did so?, Let's help to protect them. I'm glad I heard about this service. They protect kids by locating them through their GPS location whenever they are in trouble and kids could also press a panic button if they need help at anytime and anywhere. It's a good mobile device from SafeKidZone. and here's the link: